Cricket Bowling Machines
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Leverage Swinger is the most economical bowling machine available for professional cricket practice. It is designed for professional batsman to strengthen their basics and develop proper mindset to deal each kind of delivery.
  • Speed- up to 90 kmph.
  • Easy Line & Length Change Mechanism.
  • Side Tilt feature for Swing & Spin.
  • Equipped with manual speed control.
  • Optional Speed Control.
  • Option for both Tennis & Leather Cricket balls.

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Leverage Winner - A two wheel digital bowling machine designed for professional cricketers to develop their skill against speed, swing and spin deliveries. Equipped with intelligent features, Leverage Winner is the perfect partner for a batsman to practice against quality bowling.
  • Advanced Digital Keypad operations.
  • Speed selection up to 170 kmph.
  • Swing Selection (Both Inswing and Outswing).
  • Spin Selection (Both Leg spin & Off spin).
  • Intelligent features like Random Mode, Match Practice & Match Situation.
  • READY display, Ball Counter and many more features.

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Leverage Yantra is the world's first digital three wheel bowling machine designed to simulate the grip of a human bowler and produce almost all kinds of variations a human bowler can bowl.
  • Seam grip wheels.
  • Digital panel with advanced features.
  • Speed, swing, bounce control at a particular speed
  • Intelligent features to replicate real match scenarios.
    and many more.

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Leverage Bowling Robot

Leverage Bowling Robot is the best bowling machine in the world. It is equipped with electronic line, length and height adjustment feature. It is the only machine which can be upgraded to auto pilot mode used in professional bowling siumaltors. Three Wheel grip helps to simulate almost all bowling variations.


Spingball is an amazing tool designed for batting practice. It helps in practicing complex spin/seam deliveries and can be thrown by any bowler without expertise. It is similar to a cricket ball in aerodynamics and is a patent pending product.

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Leverage Speedarm is an ultimate cricket ball throwing tool developed for coaching staff. With its innovative short throwing handle and gooseneck design, Leverage Speedarm is gaining popularity amongst coaches. It helps in accurate throw with high delivery speed thereby reducing strain off the shoulders.

Fielding Practice Machine

Leverage Team Mate is the world's best fielding practice machine designed for exclusive fielding and wicket keeping drills.
Effective for high catches, long catches, ground fielding, slip catching, flat catching etc.
Equipped with electronical angle change feature for easy control in throwing balls all over the ground.


Leverage introduces world class simulators for both Professional and Commercial use. It incorporates world's best features with animated as well as real bowler videos. With Leverage, encounter the best simulator experience across many places in INDIA.
  • Instant Score Display.
  • Touch Screen wireless tab operations.
  • Automatic Variation Change.
  • Beginner to Professional Levels.
  • Instant Video Replay of the shot and many more features.

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